Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings

with so many choices of coatings manufactures today it is important to have a trusted professional with over 20 years of experience to recommend what coatings will work in the environment they are intended.sucessfull applications are the result of proper surface preperations, and coatings suited for chemical, traffic, decorative, food service grade, and the over all expectation of us today for an on site inspection of your next project.

Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings - Professional Installation - Professional Results

  • ECO-friendly products voc and vos compliant
  • Penitators/sealers
  • Resurfacer systems
  • Cementous overlay systems
  • Static dissipative systems
  • High traffic systems
  • Decorative systems
  • Logo design themes/specility
  • Chemical resistant systems
  • Expansion joint fillers





We have a full line of coating options to meet your facilities needs for warehousing & distribution/manufacturing/aviation/commercial/food & beverage processing/institutional with many benefits.

  • Create a world class impression with customers/visitors/partners/employees
  • Maintain floors easily
  • Increase light reflectivity
  • Create traction with non-skid options (safety)
  • Concrete protection from dust/dirt/chemicals
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Non-yellowing options & UV resistant options available


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